Mission Data, leading developers of digital products, is launching OpSense, a powerful IoT-based operations monitoring platform for the retail and foodservice industries.

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Hi Friend, Mission Data is excited to announce OpSense, a powerful IoT platform based on a temperature management solution created with Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the U.S. That solution is now deployed in nearly 3,000 stores and is giving the Fortune 50 retail giant a 5:1 ROI. Our platform significantly reduces labor, equipment, and energy costs while improving food safety compliance and efficiency.

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Not only can OpSense help businesses digitally monitor food safety conditions, but the platform can be customized to track other key operations such as open doors, HVAC, lighting, customer wait times, and more. By automating operational monitoring, companies free up employees to focus on other important tasks, like providing better customer service.

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FS Tech September 17-19
Anaheim, CA
Find OpSense at booth #101 and get an inside look at our powerful IoT platform.
nextPoint_logo_green (1).png October 1-4
Orlando, FL

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